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Community FoodCycle

We Turn Your Food Waste into Food for Your Soil


A Bit About Us

Our Story

Our backgrounds are as diverse as the soil ecosystem, but we share a common passion... Divert food waste from the landfills and reuse its life nurturing potential in local communities.  

Our mission at Community FoodCycle is simple: don't let food waste go to waste. We partner with municipal leaders, public works departments, local farms, and other local sustainability advocates to create a process by which a community can economically recover its own food waste and transform it into something valuable.

Our vision is to create a replicable scalable model for communities around the world.  Foodcycling should always be the preferred alternative to landfilling!


Professional Services

What We Provide

You can count on us to exceed all your food waste and soil amendment needs.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.

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Organics Pickup Service

Residential Commercial or Drop-Off Locations

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. We can pick up at the street, back of house, loading docks or even at community drop-off locations.  We will even partner with your existing hauler to process your food waste.

Compost & Soil Amendments

Your Crops, Turf, or Landscaping Never Looked this Good!

Whether you're looking for compost or a liquid soil amendment, Community FoodCycle will work with you to ensure your job gets done right. Product can be delivered or you can pick it up on our farm.

Custom Solutions for Municipalities & Commercial Properties


We understand every municipality and food waste generator has different requirements. Perhaps you have an empty lot, a local farmer, or just motivated residents... we'll sit down with all interested parties to create the right solution for you.

"One season was all it took to see the tremendous difference Community Foodcycle's liquid soil amendment had on my crops.  My only disappointment was that I only tested it on a small portion of my farm!"

Hopewell NJ Farmer

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All You Wanted to Know...

U.S. Food Waste

Facts & Figures

Food Waste & Climate Change

Our Impact

Community FoodCycle

How We're Making A Difference

Get in Touch

Questions, comments? We’d love to hear from you.

Hopewell, NJ


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