Compost & Soil Amendments

Your Crops, Turf, or Landscaping Never Looked this Good!

Whether you're looking for compost, a pelletized fertilizer, or a liquid soil amendment, Community FoodCycle will work with you to ensure your job gets done right. Product can be delivered or you can pick it up on our farm.



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Organic Soil Amendment

Our signature product lives up to its tagline "Grow Big or Go Home"! Chock full of vitamins, minerals, organic acids, some beneficial microorganisms and even some diatomaceous earth, this product kicks your soil up a notch so that your plants eat well!  Guaranteed!

Residential Pricing: 

64oz jugs ($25) - Single application for home gardens

5 gal buckets ($150) - Up to 1 acre or multiple applications

Commercial Pricing:

250gal IBC Totes ($4000) - covers 5 to 25 acres depending on application rates and soil health

Note: Dilute 20:1 - 50:1 if applying directly on plantings



Customer Favorite

Made from all the organic scraps on the farm, including vegetables, turkey manure, and animal bedding.  

$50 per cubic yard + delivery