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Soil Amendments

Your Crops, Turf, or Landscaping Never Looked this Good!

Looking for a liquid soil  amendment that can be added easily to your existing irrigation system?  We have the product for you!  GrowPro!!  It's a probiotic for the soil made naturally from food waste.  Your soil will love it and your plants will thank you for it!  See our testimonials...


What’s in Stock

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TESTIMONIALS!! As a Foliar Spray (diluted 100:1) •Local Vineyard Farmer – “Fought off Black Rot and Downy Mildew really well. Didn’t have to spray sulfur” •VT Hothouse tomatoes – “(It) Significantly reduced the powdery mildew we tend to see on the leaves of the greenhouse tomatoes” As a Soil Amendment (dilution levels varied) •Local Chicken Pasture – “(while using a chicken tractor) the grass was higher, and it recovered faster” •UVM Spinach Study – 6x the yield vs compost and higher plant concentrations of K, Mn, and Zn •Lab Analysis – great product for the soil for vegetables that prefer a fungal balance like roses and fruiting vegetables like tomatoes and melons. For bacterial dominant soils (perennial grasses, brassicas, kales, leafy vegetables) use a lighter application to support the overall balance of the soil •Local backyard garden – “my biggest season by far, for almost all my backyard vegetables” •Local Landscaper - “I started using it last year as part of lawn maintenance with my customers and they are very pleased with the results.”

Foliar Spray & Soil Amendment

Our signature product is like Kombucha for the soil... We start with local food waste, ferment it, and then harness all of the resulting goodness!  Chock full of vitamins, minerals, organic acids, beneficial microorganisms and even some diatomaceous earth, this product kicks your soil up a notch so that your plants eat and live well!  Best of all, it can be added directly to your current irrigation system!!

Residential Pricing: 

32oz Concentrate & Foliar Spray ($25) - For home gardens

5 gal buckets ($150) - Up to 1 acre or multiple applications


Commercial Pricing:

50 gal Drum ($1000) - covers 1 to 5 acres*

250gal IBC Totes ($3500) - covers 5 to 25 acres*


*depending on application rates and soil health

Dilution Rate is 100:1 (Water:GrowPro)



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Sorry, we're no longer offering compost but we can put you in touch with another local provider... the New Jersey CompostMan

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